SeWa Sea Wave Outboard Motors & Boats

Four-Stroke Engines

Sea Wave Boats

SeWa Sea Wave Outboard Motors are committed to manufacturing reliable, economical and cost-effective four-stroke outboard motors for the Nigerian market.

Our standards of quality control and cost-effectiveness are maintained through continuous research and development, ensuring compliance with strict emission levels as contained in the Nigerian National Environmental Regulations and an attractive pricing policy.

For current purchases, only four-stroke outboard motors are compliant with Nigerian regulations.

Spare Parts & Servicing for legacy Two-Stroke Outboard Motors

Sea Wave also provides parts and servicing for Yamaha two-stroke outboard motors. 

Sea Wave Boats

Sea Wave RIB 520 Series is designed with hydroplaning fiberglass hulls, with lighter weight and more arrow-like shape, shallow draught, high maneuverability, high speed and safe operations.